Our Brands

Chicken United

Proving itself to be a cut above the rest, Chicken United serves up delicious chicken thigh and wings that are juicy and flavorful to the bite, perfectly complemented by a selection of uniquely crafted sauces.


Fiesta to Go

Bringing the vibrant celebration of a Filipino fiesta to your table, Fiesta to Go presents a diverse selection of traditional Filipino favorites to savor and share with your loved ones.


Easy Meal

Redefining convenience through elevated bento meals, Easy Meal offers a selection of bento meals, offering filling and satisfying options.


Chicken 365

Bringing elevated flavors to the table, Chicken 365 offers a wide variety of chicken dishes that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Sarap Bowl

Crafted with passion and creativity, Sarap Bowl presents a wide array of flavors, specializing in gourmet fusion bowls that offer a delightful mix of tastes inspired by various culinary traditions.